Friday, July 9, 2010


Katie and I are taking the kids to their first concert tonight. We are going to see Travie McCoy, Kesha, and Rihanna. My mom says the kids are too young. (I think my first concert was in High School, and it was to see a Christian Band. It was very low key. My mom is a little overly paranoid.) She says: people are going to be getting high. I say: people are always getting high every where in our city. What's new?! Oh well. We shall see. Hopefully people are not lighting up joints next to us. If they are, well, at least I like the smell. Ha.

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  1. I got your comment on my page that you might start reading Twilight because I called it book crack & I'm here to encourage you to DEFINITELY pick one up!! I didn't think I would like it - I kept saying "I'm NOT reading those vampire books!" And then my friend finally wore me down & they really take you by surprise. I'd be interested to see what you think!!

    Hope your concert was fun!! I wanted to say there are some pretty crazy Christian bands out there now. They may have been your first, but some kids go to first concerts now & they're Christian & it's nuts. Have you heard of As I Lay Dying or Underoath? I actually really like & respect both of them a lot!!