Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I read something today that truly affected me, and although the affect was sadness, I hope that the thoughts/feelings I have right now do not leave me.

I read a blog of a family that recently lived in Haiti. They were doing Mission work. They recently found out that their little girl has a really aggressive form of cancer. I began reading their story and looking back at previous entries the mom and dad had written. It was so strange to see that just a month and a half ago the little girl was running on the beach and playing with her sister. She looked perfectly fine. And then all of a sudden, she got extremely sick and would not eat or walk. Just like that. Now she is in the hospital, dying. People can leave you in an instant, without being able to say goodbye. Your precious child can be here one day, laughing, smiling, and then gone the next. I think I am wasting too much time doing nothing. If my children died today I would have many regrets. I don’t want that to happen. I want to know that if for some reason God ever decides to take my babies from me, that I did the best I could. That I gave them a great life. That I loved them and appreciated them fully. Don’t want any regrets.