Friday, January 16, 2009


I got new glasses today..

They are cute...but they are really hurting my head..ugh

Also..I am getting my hair done tonight..

I am excited..and scared..

I HATE and LOVE change all at the same time..

We will see..

I realized two things just now..

That I feel really insecure walking and eating in front of people.

I was just walking to the copy room and popped a piece of candy in my mouth. I felt nervous about it, and self-concious. I was scared that someone was going to see me and think "Look at that fat girl stuffing her face." I wonder if people actually think that when they see me? I wonder if other girls feel the same way I do? I hate it. I hate being fat. Well...not always...I do LOVE having these huge boobs...they are kind of fun..

The other thing is..

My boss just said.."You know Kristy, I am really proud of you." And then went on to tell me why. I like to be praised. It feels very very uncomfortable, but I like it. It makes me feel good and it makes me do a better job. Also, it makes me feel extremely guilty for doing random non-work related things like blogging. That's why I am done typing...for now at least.. :-)